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Why should you have a wedding videographer

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Wedding videography

I often hear couples say they don't want video coverage for various reasons. Some are worried about how they look and shutter at the thought of seeing themselves on video. Some couples worry about the expense. Some couples haven't even taken the time to think about video until all the videographers are booked for that day.

Regardless of your hesitation, I want to encourage you to consider video for your wedding. I've heard from couples who regret not having video after the fact because they realize this once of a lifetime day deserved to be captured in video as much if not even more than the photos.

Here is why I would encourage you to consider video coverage of your wedding day:

  1. Moments will happen that just can't be captured in photos. You may have photos of everyone laughing but you can't remember why you were laughing at that moment. It may be because the dj played the wrong song or the flower girl said something cute and honest as kids often do. With video, you have all those details captured to help you remember why you were all laughing so hard in the photo.

  2. Video allows those who can't attend in person experience your wedding day as if they were there. Maybe you have family that live too far away to travel to the event or an illness prevented them from attending. With a wedding video, they can experience your wedding as if they had been able to attend in person.

  3. Video can bring you back to all those feelings and moments of the day in a more immersive way than a photo can. Hearing the sounds from the day, the vows you said to each other, the nervous quiver in your voice all remind you of the thoughts and feelings you were having in the moment.

  4. A video is something you can watch each year as you renew your commitment to each other. You can even make it a special date night with popcorn. Instead of going out to a movie, stay in and experience your magical day that started your journey together.

A video is a beautiful and precious souvenir from your wedding day. Your children will love to watch it with you and laugh at all the funny moments. When you are no longer with them, they will treasure the love that grew into your family and cherish the time they shared with you.

A quality video is definitely something you should make room in the budget for. Trust me, you will not regret it

I would love to be your videographer to document this momentous day for you. You can learn more about my video services on my weddings page.

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