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Video Experience That Matters

You know you need more video content but you don't know where to start.   I get it! 

I have over 25 years of video production experience to help you achieve your goals.  Not only will I walk you through the video production process but I will also help you deploy your video content so it brings you the desired results.  Think of me as a video strategist to come along side you to help you maximize your organization's reach and impact.




Your video production process begins with a consultation to determine the scope of your project, the goals of your video and how your video will be most effectively used.  Consultations are free for new clients and help us establish if I am a right fit for you and your organization.



Preproduction is the most important step in the video production process.  This is where we determine your audience and call to action message.  During this step we also structure the contents of your video into a script or storyboard.  We also establish a timeline and budget during this stage. 




Once we get to this stage, my cameras are ready to roll.  This is where we create or aquire all the assets that will be needed to create the final vision of your video.


Postproduction & Delivery

This is the editing and refining stage of any video project.  Some videos may take several drafts or edits to make it the final piece that you will use.  Every project has a different use or outlet so I ensure that files are delivered and formatted for the intended use.  Once your video is delivered, you can premiere it to your audience and enjoy the results.


Some of my clients

OFFICIALSELECTION-GreatWondersUpliftFilmFestival-2024 copy.jpg
573 film fest laurels .jpg

Steve Donaldson, co-founder of Convoy of Hope

When everyone else is offering chicken, Julie offers steak as far as video production.  Why would I want anyone else producing my video piece

Cramer 23-91.jpg

Michelle L. Cramer, Founder for On Angels' Wings

Julie has been such a huge help on our video project for our non-profit organization. We don't have a facility to tour or a way for the community to observe what we do because of the intimate circumstances of our services. Having our recipients share their personal experiences through video is the best way to convey what we do. Julie listened closely to our vision for the video and did a beautiful job editing it.  We're beyond pleased with the results and will continue to work with Stoecker Media for quality and consistency with this project!.


 Mark Barclift, Global University

When I give Julie a task to accomplish, she nails it every time.

  • What if I don't know what direction to take for my video piece?
    That's perfect! I can help you figure out the perfect story that captures your goals for your project. During the pre-production process, I will help you figure out how to communicate your story in a compelling way.
  • How long should my video be?
    Most online users will only stay on your site for a few seconds unless your piece gets their attention. The best general rule is to keep your video content within 1-3 minutes. If you are doing a video that will be shown to a live audience or used for digital distribution, you can consider a longer piece. If your topic is in-depth and requires a lot of explanation, a longer piece is also permitted.
  • What should my budget be?
    This is a great question! A good rule of thumb is to budget between $500-$1000 for short video pieces. Longer pieces will require a heftier budget. Special effects, music, talent, locations and additional production crew needed to execute your desired results should all be considered when you set your video budget.

View some of my work

Consulting Services

Provides a wide-range of expertise and experience to guide you and your team towards an effective strategy ensuring production quality and value.

Multi-Camera Production

Single to multi-camera events or productions complete with professional audio and post-production services.


Crew and team management to ensure the project stays within budget and maintains your organizations mission and integrity.

YouTube Management

YouTube channel management and optimizations for the best results in reach and engagement.  This includes setting up your channel and content for success.

Broadcast Services

Ensuring your project meets broadcast standards including formatting, quality, and closed captioning.

Social Media Content

Strategy and content creation services to increase awareness, engagement and reach.

Video Camera

Ready to start your next video project?

Everyone has a story. I want to capture yours.

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