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Why Every Couple Should Consider A First Look

Bride touching groom on shoulder

• It helps you both feel calmer.

Once you see each other for the first time in your wedding attire, you’ll automatically start feeling calmer and can truly enjoy the ceremony. By having a first look, your photographer can also get better shots of the bride walking down the aisle because she won’t look as nervous.

• It frees up more time.

Having a first look means you can get most of your couple shots completed early on and can have more time to spend with your guests during cocktail hour, alleviating some of the pressure on the day.

Bride and groom smiling by a window

• It creates more photo options.

A first look means that you can take photos in various different locations, leaving you with even more photos to choose from after the wedding, which is especially helpful once you need to pick the photos you would like to print for your home.

• You get amazing reaction photos.

When there’s nobody around but the two of you, your groom has the freedom to really express his true emotions. A first look also makes it easier to capture your groom’s reaction as the photographer is usually more focused on the bride when she first walks down the aisle.

• You get to share a truly magical moment together.

A first look will be one of the first moments that you get to share together on your wedding day and the fact that it’s alone makes it even more special. Every moment during your wedding day will be special and unique but there is something about sharing that first look alone that makes it simply magical.

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