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Videos every organization should have

In my over 25 years of video production experience, some things won't change and that is what videos your organization needs to reach your audience. I have compiled a list of must-have videos to incorporate into your content. These are great for your website, socials and even emails that are sent to potential partners and donors.

Video Production, Springfield, MO

Brand Awareness Video

A brand awareness video is simply who you are and what you do. Maybe you've heard of an elevator speech. Well this is similar to that. It is an introduction to your organization or ministry. This is an engaging and concise way to reach your audience with your message. These can be done like an interview where you or key members of your organization explain who you are, who you serve and how you serve them. You can end the video with a call to action such as "call us today, visit our website, come visit our location, etc.".

Video Production, Springfield, MO

Testimonial Video

These are great and provide that social proof you've been hearing about. What better way to let people know what you do than to hear from someone who has benefitted from your organization or services. This will help your audience know, like and trust you. Whether it's a potential donor, partner or recipient, a testimony of how you made a difference will go a long way towards engaging with your audience.

Video Production, Springfield, MO

FAQ Videos

Maybe you've heard of a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section to your website. A FAQ video can function the same way by answering many of your frequently asked questions. Maybe donors are wondering what your organization needs on a daily basis to function. A FAQ video can highlight your organizations needs by showing them what the need is and how items or resources are being used within your organization. Maybe you have a new program and people are wondering how the application process works. A FAQ video can explain the process and answer many of their questions on how to qualify. Maybe people are wondering where you are located or how to volunteer. A FAQ video can show them the location, services and volunteer opportunities you provide.

These types of videos will enhance your presence in front of your audience to build that know, like and trust factor. Don't just tell them what you do and how you matter, show them! I would love to help you craft a plan to implement these types of videos into your marketing and strategy. Just contact me and let's get you some engaging video pieces going.

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