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Steps to Creating an Effective Video

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Springfield, MO Video Production

Video production can be an expensive endeavor. You don't want to tread lightly into making a video until you have carefully considered why you want to make a video in the first place. Maybe you love watching video content and just want to get out there like everyone else. Maybe you feel like if people saw who you are, they will be more inclined to reach out to you.

Video content can be a great tool but you need to take some time before the camera ever rolls to set your video up for success.

Springfield, MO Video Production

1. Know Your Audience - Who do want to talk to? Who are you trying to reach?

If you aren't sure who you are directing your video content to, you are not likely to see any beneficial results. Knowing your audience is key to having an effective video piece.

Write down who you want to reach, What is their age range? Do you want to reach women or men or both? What topics is your audience interested in? Does your audience need to meet an income range in order to be interested in your product, service or organization? Does your intended audience have a problem that you can solve? If so, what is their problem and how can you help?

Springfield, MO Video Production

2. Set a goal for your video piece. - What do you want your video to do for you?

Do you want your video to inform people about who you are and what you do? Do you want to sell a product or service? Do you want people to reach out to you? Do you want them to go to your website, send you an email or call you? Do you want them to donate to your organization?

There are many goals you can set for your video piece but the main idea to drive viewers towards your goal. You can use your video to build awareness around your product, service or organization. You can use your video to sell your product or service. You can also use a video piece to get your audience to become more involved with what you are doing like volunteering or joining your sales team. Make sure you have measures in place to track the progress of your goal like website visits, email contacts or people calling in.

End your video with a clear "call to action" at the end like "call now" or "visit our website" so that your audience knows exactly what you want them to do next.

Springfield, MO Video Production

3. Now that you know who you are talking to and what you want as a result, now you need to think about distribution. Where is your audience going to see your video?

Does your audience spend a lot of time on social media? Then this may be the best place to focus your efforts with your video. Do they watch a lot of tv? Then you may consider placing your video on a local tv channel or placing advertising spots with streaming or satellite media companies. Does your audience spend a lot of time looking for things on the internet? You might consider placing ads on google or youtube to reach your audience.

Springfield, MO Video Production

4. Make sure your video has a clear and concise message. Too often, we want to give all the information at once. Go back to your goal you set for your video. Does your message and goal line up? Is there extra information in your video that confuses your audience or is not needed for them to make that step of contacting you? You only have a few seconds to get their attention and spark their interest to take that next step, (whatever your call to action is).

If you know you need more video content but don't have the in-house staff or resources to create your own video, I would love help. I have over 25 years of video production experience to help you create a new and effective video piece.

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