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Should I include my family into a newborn session?

Newborn photographer, Springfield, MO

It is my honor to include Mommy, Daddy and Siblings into all Newborn Sessions. I feel it is so important to capture the bond between a mother and her child as well as the tiny baby wrapped up in the strong arms of a father.

Older brothers and sisters need to know they are also part of this new baby's life by involving them into the photos. Mommy's favorite images are those where a family member is connecting with the new baby. Some day when the baby is older, he/she will be grateful for the photographs they have of their first few days of life and to see themselves with their family members..

Newborn photographer, Springfield, MO

It is highly suggested that siblings under 3-years-of-age have the opportunity to interact with the new baby at home as much as possible prior to the session. Allow them to lie on the floor right next to the baby while you snap a few photos with your cell phone from above. Also, place them on their tummy on a bed with the baby cupped in their arms. This will help them get used to these positions so they are better prepared the day of the photo session.

Newborn photographer, Springfield, MO

What should we wear?

When it comes to family portraits, one of the most common questions I get is, “What should we wear?” It’s a tricky decision! Since these photos will last a lifetime, you want to make sure your entire family looks as good as possible. But at the same time, you also want them to look like themselves — not wearing stuffy clothes that make them feel uncomfortable. I always recommend wearing clothing that makes you feel and look your best, which can be different for every person.

Newborn photographer, Springfield, MO

I have a variety of layering pieces and wraps for baby but if you do have 1 or 2 special outfits you want to include into your session, you are certainly welcome to bring those in.

Julie Stoecker, Springfield, MO Photographer

I am a photographer based in Springfield, MO. I specialize in family, children, newborn, senior and wedding photography. If you are growing your family and would love to schedule a newborn session with me, you can get on my calendar here.

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