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4 Items to Bring to Help Incorporate your Pet(s) in your Family Photos

Springfield, MO Pet Photography

If you are planning on bringing a pet to your session, I am more than happy to have you do that. I love furry friends and am always pleased to add them into sessions! Here are some things you should remember to bring to ensure everything goes smoothly:

  1. A leash. This will help you keep your pet near to you and where you want him or her for photos. (They aren’t just for dogs, you know.) Be sure to bring a thinner leash, as they are easier to hide or edit out if necessary.

  2. A friend. Having someone come with you specifically to take care of your pet is ideal. This will help so that your pet is not running around all over the place or alone in the car, should you wish to take some photos without Fido.

  3. Treats. Treats are great bribery for your animal. It will help keep your pet still and focused on the camera.

  4. A favorite toy. The noisier the better. This is also a great tool to help keep your pet’s attention on me. We can also use it for a fun game and get some fun interaction shots.

I would love to incorporate your furry family members into your next session. Book a session with me today. I'm a Springfield, MO based photographer specializing in families, children, newborns, seniors and weddings.

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