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Why you need macro photos during your newborn session

Newborn macro photography in Springfield, Missouri

I recently attended a photography conference where I took a class in newborn macro photography. I was so excited to take this class because I bought a new lens specifically so I could offer macro shots in my newborn sessions.

What is a macro photo?

That is a great questions. Basically a macro lens is designed to really enlarge the subject so that you can capture the tiny details. Newborn macro photos capture those tiny details up close. Examples would include their tiny toes, a fist, wisp of hair, their belly button, their cute little lips and so on.

Macro photos are good to have for sentimental reasons

Newborns change so quickly in those first few months so having these tiny details captured are great to have to look back on. Remember how tiny they were. To remember the color hair they had before it changed. I know as my baby go older, those tiny details faded away and I would have loved to have photos of them to remember.

They make great additions to photo books

Newborn macro photos are great to have to put into a photo book. Wouldn't it be great to be able to show your child once they are older all those tiny details that you eched in your mind and you gazed on them for the first time. If you have them in a photo book, you can show them all those tiny details together.

They are perfect for large prints on the wall

I love it when clients get large prints of their photos to display in their home. Macro photos are perfect for baby's nursery or your entry way. How sweet it would be to see that gentle wisp of hair greet you when you come home from a tiresome day.

I'm so glad I took the leap to purchase my macro lens and learn how to offer these photos in my newborn sessions. It doesn't matter if baby is awake or not. When I ask you if you want macros, the answer is most definitely yes!

I am a family and newborn photographer based in Springfield, Missouri. I would love to capture your new little one. You can book your newborn session here.

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