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When to schedule a milestone sessions for your child.

Milestone photo session in Springfield, MO

After your newborn session, you may be wondering when are good times to document the different milestones your child will go through during their first year and beyond. There are common milestones in your child's development that are perfect for documenting with a special photo session just for them.

Milestone photo session in Springfield, MO

3 months is a great time to have a photo session. This is where you really start to notice some of their personality coming through. They are starting to be curious about the world around them. They are starting to notice their hands and feet and we can really get some cute images of them grabbing their feet or inspecting their fingers. They are also starting to recognize mom and dad and are happy to see you interacting with them. This is where we can get some sweet smiles.

6 months is where your child starts to sit up on their own. We call a 6 month session "sitter" sessions for this reason. We can really get some sweet smiles and some moody images as well as they take in their surroundings from this perspective.

Cake smash photo session in Springfield, MO

1 year is the most important milestone to capture. At this age, most babies are starting to be mobile with crawling and even standing or walking. They are getting ready to explore their surroundings in a whole new way. Some parents like to document this age with a cake smash session. This is where your child will get their first taste of a sweet cake.

Children's photography session in Springfield, MO

5 years is also a common milestone to document. This is typically when a child starts school for the first time and is really starting to have interests and activities that they enjoy. This is a great time to bring in a prop to document something they like such as a favorite toy or activity.

I love doing milestone sessions either in my studio or at a location of your choice. You can contact me for any questions you may have or to check on my availability for your child's next milestone.

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