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When is the best time to schedule my newborn session

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Newborn Photography, Springfield, MO

I love to capture newborns around 10 to 15 days old. I suggest that momma's schedule their newborn session ten days after their due date but that doesn't always mean that's when we will do the session though. Scheduling ten days after the due date puts you on my calendar and my radar to remind myself to check in with you. Babies come when they want to and not on our time table. My baby was a week overdue and then we had an extended stay in the NICU after she was born. So there are no hard and fast rules here on the timing of your newborn session.

Newborn Photography, Springfield, MO

So once you are on my calendar, I will check in with you right after your due date to see how things are progressing or if baby has already arrived. Before we can do the session, we need to make sure there were no serious complications with the birth or the baby's health. I also want to be sure that baby has been cleared to go home before we actually do the session. Baby's health and safety are more important to me than trying to get photos taken in the 10-15 day window.

Newborn Photography, Springfield, MO

Once baby has arrived and is cleared to go home and there are no serious health risks to doing a photo session, we will finalize the date and time of our session. Sometimes we will keep the session as scheduled and sometimes we will need to move the date and time to accommodate baby's needs.

Babies really can be photographed at any time, even in the hospital. These first few days are important for you and your family to have time to adjust and bond with your new little one so we can adjust the timing to what works best for you. Some parents will opt for what is called a "fresh 48" session which is done in your hospital room during the first 48 hours after baby's birth. If this is something you would like to do instead of studio session, I'm more than happy to accommodate you and your family. Please double check with your hospital before hand to ensure that there are no restrictions on doing that.

Newborn Photography, Springfield, MO

Lastly, babies change and grow quickly so I do suggest trying to do newborn photos before their first month milestone. Once they pass that first month, they start to have more muscle control and can be a bit more fussy and awake. They may not be as comfortable being wrapped or put into some props.

Milestone sessions are a great way to document their development and growth. Some of the most popular milestones are 6 months and their 1st birthday. Some parents also opt in for 3 and 9 month milestones too.

I am a photographer based in Springfield, MO. I specialize in family, children, newborn, senior and wedding photography. If you are growing your family and would love to schedule a newborn session with me, you can get on my calendar here.

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