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My approach to filming a wedding

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Woman on knees holding camera taking a picture of a bride.
Springfield, MO wedding photographer

Every videographer approaches an event a bit differently. I wanted to jot down my notes to let you know how I go about shooting a wedding day.

First I make sure my equipment is ready.

I never want to arrive at the venue with dead batteries or something vital to the shoot missing from my equipment bag. Before the day of your wedding, I'll prep my gear and make sure that everything is charged and ready for your big day.

I make sure I have the timeline down

I want to get all the preparation shots needed for your highlight video like the hair and makeup, the details of the dress, shoes and jewelry. But I also need to keep in mind the timeline for the day to be sure that all my cameras are set and ready for the ceremony before your guests arrive. I don't want to be setting up tripods while your guests are trying to find their seat. So I will make sure that there is enough time between getting ready and the ceremony so I can slip away and get things set up to capture every angle of the ceremony.

I make sure I'm capturing professional quality audio

Nothing ruins a wedding film more than poor audio. I will make sure that I'm putting microphones on you, your partner and the officiant before the ceremony starts. That way, the final video will have professional quality audio so you are not distracted from taking in all the visuals of the location and ceremony.

I make sure things are ready for the reception

Immediately following the recessional, I'll be tearing down the ceremony cameras and getting things ready for your big entrance to the reception. I also like to take this time while you are getting portraits done to get some sweet shots of just the two of you as newlyweds.

I will capture all the details til the end

I make sure the speeches, cake cutting, bouquet toss, dancing and grand exit are all captured. My goal is to give you a highlight film that allows you to re-live those moments every time you watch your video.

woman holding a camera
Springfield, MO Videographer

I love capturing weddings and helping couples preserve the most important aspects of their day. If you are looking for a videographer, I would be honored to preserve your wedding. I have over 25 years experience in video production and I'm passionate about providing a quality product. You can visit my weddings page for more information on pricing and what is included.

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