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Capturing the moment: A mother's joy in photographing my daughter in my wedding gown.

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Girl dressed in her mommy's wedding dress

This has been something I've dreamed of doing since my daughter was little. I wanted to wait until she was old enough to remember the experience but I also didn't want this opportunity to slip by. So, during some slow days in January, I took my wedding dress to my studio in Springfield, MO with every intention to get some sweet photos of my daughter in my wedding gown.

Girl dressed in her mommy's wedding dress

My wedding day was a dream come true. I got married later in life. For some reason, I just hadn't met the right man until my late thirties. We met online but discovered that we lived in the same neighborhood. After our second date, I knew he was the one I was going to marry and have a family with.

On my wedding day, I felt like a princess. I had seen many of my friends have their magical day and I couldn't wait to experience mine. We had a fairly big church wedding which had always been my dream. My family pitched in with all the details including the cake and catering. I had a very dear friend with her band provide all the music and it was a perfect wedding day.

Girl dressed in her mommy's wedding dress

My dress was hand-made by an aunt in the family and it was beautiful. It was inspired by the dresses worn in Sense and Sensibility. I loved the old period look of their gowns they wore to the local parties.

My dress hadn't been out of the bag for a while so I pulled it out and started to steam it and wipe out some the stains it had for storage. All the memories came flooding back of our first look and how I felt in the dress.

I was so excited to see my daughter try it on and let some magic happen. Of course it was too big so we clipped it in the back and I showed her how to hold it so it would stay up and keep things covered.

We had so much fun talking about my wedding and what daddy said when he saw my dress. We talked about how I felt like a princess and how I loved my dress and all the details of the day.

It was so fun to hear my daughter giggle as she tried to walk around in the gown. We brought a bouquet of flowers my cousin made for my wedding rehearsal to use as a prop. We had some fun and had some tender moments too.

Girl dressed in her mommy's wedding dress

I know that when my daughter starts dreaming of her own wedding day, we will have some wonderful memories looking back on these photos. I was so excited to put my princess in my gown that I wore when I married her dad. I felt like a princess that day and I hope and dream that she finds someone just as special to spend her life with in the future. I don't expect her to wear my gown on that day but it was a fun and sweet memory to capture.

I would love to offer this same experience to any mommas out there with daughters. You too can have your girl play dress up in your gown and I would be honored to capture the magic for you to look back on as well.

I‘m hosting a Mommy's Wedding Dress Mini and you can book your spot here.

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I am a family and event photographer in Springfield, MO. I love capturing families, children, newborns, seniors, and weddings. I would love to capture the tender moments and connection that become your family's legacy for generations to come. Book your session.

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