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Are you looking for a new preschool photographer in Springfield, MO

Preschool boy sitting in front of a window with spring flowers
Preschool Photography, Springfield, MO

Being a preschool director is no easy task. You have so much on your plate running a successful and safe preschool, you don't have time to focus on managing a picture day at your school.

You wear many hats and you want your parents to be delighted when they see their little one's school pictures, but maybe lately you are not getting the kind of responses you were hoping for when it came to picture day.

I'm here to help!

Preschool girl in front of balloon backdrop

I'm here to take picture day off of your busy schedule

Maybe you've been using a national company to provide your picture day experience but it tends to be more work on you than it should be. Also, these national companies are more concerned about volume than actually providing a quality product.

I'm here to provide a seamless service for your picture day

Really, all you need to do is announce when picture day will be to your parents and I will do the rest. I'll even provide you with the necessary flyers with all the information for you to send home or email to parents.

I provide a seamless process for your parents

Once all the photos are taken, I make them look their best and send them directly to your parents in an easy to use and navigate online gallery. Parents can place orders online for quality print and digital products that are delivered directly to their home (so you don't have to).

Preschool boy in red shirt in front of blue and white balloon backdrop

I offer a variety of poses and backdrops

Most parents only get one meh picture on picture day but I will make sure each child has 5 different poses for parents to choose from and I use a variety of backdrops that fits your school's aesthetic .

Your school benefits too!

Best of all, you get to choose the benefit package that best fits your school's needs. You can choose from free photos of all your staff, a collage print to put in your school's lobby discounts for staff or a percentage of the total sales once the galleries close. This is a win for you and your school and it costs you nothing to host a picture day.

Preschool boy sitting in front of a spring window backdrop

I would love to provide a picture day that your parents will rave about. Delight your parents who trust you with their child by giving them beautiful and quality photos on picture day.

If you are ready to start the process of getting your next picture day scheduled, contact me today!

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