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4 Tips for a Picture Perfect Senior Session

Senior portraits, Springfield, MO

Whether you’re already comfortable in front of the camera or you’re more on the camera-shy side, you should look and feel your best during your entire senior photo session. Here are four ways to prepare beforehand for a great photoshoot experience.

Senior photography, Springfield, MO

1. Wear clothes you’re comfortable in.

Throughout your photoshoot, you’ll be posing in different ways -- sitting, standing, walking, jumping, etc. If you’re wearing a dress that you’re constantly adjusting because it doesn’t fit right or shoes that pinch your toes, it’ll be difficult for you to relax and really live in the moment. Wear an outfit that you can move comfortably in and that makes you feel good about yourself.

Springfield, MO Senior portraits

2. Look your best -- whatever that means for you.

Try to look nice for your senior portraits -- but make sure you still look like you. Dress up a bit, but don’t wear a dress or a suit if it’s something you don’t usually wear. It’s great to put on some makeup to help your features pop in front of the camera, but don’t pile it on if that’s not what you usually do. If you feel your best, you’ll look your best.

Springfield, MO senior photographer

3. Choose a professional photographer you can trust.

Selfies work fine for your Instagram story -- but they just won’t cut it when it comes to your graduation announcements. Look for a professional photographer who specializes in senior portraits. Take a look at their portfolio to make sure you like their work. As long as your photographer knows what they’re doing, they’ll be able to make sure you look great and feel comfortable.

Senior photographer in Springfield, MO

4. Location, location, location!

If you’re a little nervous about spending so much time in front of the camera, choose an environment that makes you feel at home. Pick a photoshoot location that’s significant to you. But if nothing comes to mind, outdoor locations or studios with plenty of natural light are great for photos.

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